Game Review: Travelling Vikings foiled again

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By James Hill – Minnesota Vikings Writer

What can really be said about a late-night game on Sunday when you just saw your biggest Divisional rival slip to 3-1 on Thursday and the Detroit Lions drop to 2-1-1? Probably not a lot when you take the loss like the Vikings did, but add onto the fact that this was the second loss on the road versus Divisional Opponents in three weeks, you may begin to worry for the season so early on.

Firstly, the positives… The Vikings have demonstrated the ability to produce big passing plays on the game, such as the pass to Diggs late into the half to set up great field position, and the defense has demonstrated the ability to shift into gear to produce dominant displays to disrupt and cut out a teams offense, surely a bright light in a dismal future currently for the Boys in Purple. In terms of positives however, that’s where it ends.

The Vikings have now been caught out being too one dimensional, as the run game was non-existent (Dalvin Cook limited to 35 yards on 14 attempts but for one touchdown). When in comparison to recent weeks, and beyond that nothing really seemed to click against a very dominant defense in Chicago. The added issue of suffering six total sacks is worrying for an Offensive Line that is incredibly suspect still, and the missing player in Guard Josh Kline proved critical once again. Despite the dominance of the defense, the fact remains they lost to Chase Daniels.

Credit: Matt Marton/AP

Chase Daniels. A quarterback who has six TDs to three interceptions in his entire career, which has four games started in 62 games and nine seasons. This is a huge upset and proves that this team who was one QB away from winning big, is actually lacking in more categories that were not present at the time of offering the deal for the seemingly $84 million desperation move in Kirk Cousins.

Slipping to 2-2 so early isn’t really as huge an issue as I’ve made out. The Vikings did such in 2017 and made the NFC Championship game, but if it comes down to divisional wins come Week 17, the Vikings may have shot themselves in the foot so early on.

After the game, Adam Thielen and Head Coach Mike Zimmer summed up the current mood best by stating “we’re all frustrated” so the feeling in the fanbase is mutual, but this shouldn’t be the case. This team is stacked and it’s just absolutely unreal that it’s failing to win out, or even establish themselves on the road early on, as for the second time the Vikings failed to score in the 1st Quarter on the road, and was effectively shut out of the game until garbage time in the 4th.

The excuse bin is looking thin now, and it’s going to cost someone their job… or several.

(Feature Photo – Credit: David Banks/USA TODAY Sports)

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